Health Indicator Additive

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Health Indicator

The additive can be used with
almost ALL* sorts cat litter.


Once a month after refilling your cat's litter box spread the entire contentsof this bag HEALTH INDICATOR® evenly across the top of the litter.A short moment after your cat uses the litter box compare the color of thecrystals at the urination spot to the colors on the chart below.

The normalcolor, when urine is added to the litter, is either light- to dark yellow. Shouldany other color become visible, immediately contact your vet (abnormallydiscolored litter should be removed with a plastic cup, or spoon).

HEALTH INDICATOR® can alert you to many potential health problemsincluding cystitis, bladder stones, urethral plugs, and bladder infections.

After completing the test stir the HEALTH INDICATOR® into the regularlitter where it will help eliminate odors.

* Some edited Cat Litters give different results.
With our simple compatibility test you can test the correct operation of HEALTH INDICATOR® in advance.
If advice is desired send us an email.


Pregnant women and immunosuppressive persons should note that feces from cats can transmit the Toxoplasmosis disease, wash hands if you have been in contact with used cat litter.

Silica Health Indicator cannot detect all urinary anomalies. Only your veterinary surgeon can establish a precise diagnosis.